TS News Advisory

TS News Advisory

You may have noticed a reduction in news postings over the last few weeks.
These have been as a result of the old mailing list software not being able
to cope with the large number of members on this list. All error messages
generated by bad addresses or routing problems, about 50 to 60 per news
item, used to be sent back to me, meaning a high volume of news would
deluge me with messages. It also meant I had to sort them out.

Now, we have new software and it automatically handles error messages, so
it's easier for me! This also means that it is less forgiving than I might
be. If there are problems with your address, or your site, you may find
yourself getting unsubscribed faster than in the past. If you find you stop
getting messages, check the Web site, http://www.tele-satellit.com , to
make sure you have missed messages. If you have, try re-subscribing.

Any problems you encounter can be passed to me, martyn@twics.com, for

Subscribing is now easier also. The new software, installed last week,
means you just need send a "subscribe" message to
ts-news-request@tele-satellite.com . There is also a new feature which
requires you confirm you want to be added to the list. This is to counter
problems caused when people have maliciously subscribed other e-mail
addresses to our lists.

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