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TELE-satellit News, 5 May 1997

Video Sat Show'97 Report
  BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, 97/05/05 (TS) -- The traditional VIDEO SAT SHOW, in
the organization of SATELIT TV VIDEO - the only satellite TV magazine in
Yugoslavia, took place during the second half of March at the Belgrade
Hotel Yugoslavia. This years show was organized 6 weeks earlier than the
usual date, in agreement with several major exhibitors who are interested
in entering the expanding Yugoslav market. This years' manifestation was
held under the slogan "THE WORLD IN BELGRADE," and numerous firms from
Yugoslavia (distributors and servicers of equipment) and abroad
(manufacturers of receiving equipment for satellite & terrestrial TV and
radio signals, audio & video equipment) took part. For
the first time, this year, a part of the show was dedicated to the
presentation of security technology & equipment.

  All the equipment exhibited at this years VIDEO SAT SHOW manifestation
was also on sale (not only exhibits) and the VIDEO SAT SHOW is open to the
general public which is encouraged to visit the show through numerous ad
campaigns before and during the show. The most exciting equipment for SMATV
& CATV systems and for the distribution of satellite and terrestrial TV
signals was shown by the Spanish electronic companies FAGOR and TELEVES and
the German company FUBA.

  Thousands of Yugoslavs came to see what's hot & new in the world of
satellite TV. The most concerted effort among the manufacturers of
receiving equipment was made by STRONG whose representatives came to
Belgrade intent on capitalizing on their well known brand name in
Yugoslavia. STRONG made headway with their ambitious plans for Yugoslavia,
and their plans for establishing a presence in Yugoslavia made headlines in
TV/ radio and the specialized press.  Mr. Khaled Debs (STRONG) revealed the
elements of his companies strategy towards the region in a full page
interview for SATELIT TV VIDEO magazine and an interview for the state TV
broadcaster RTS. Concerning digital technology, visitors could see NOKIA's
d-box, and PACE digital receiving equipment. Universal LNB's, necessary for
digital reception, abounded on most stands. 

  Analogue equipment still dominated the interests of the visitors, and
among the most conspicuous were receivers from TECHNIKUS (which were
exclusively presented in Belgrade), STRONG 115, and CLARK. Many renowned
firms from the world were present with their equipment (either directly or
through their local distributors), for example: Echostar, Continental,
Grundig, Amstrad, SMW, Chaparral, Drake, Gardiner, Manhattan, Pace, Strong
and Philips.

  The VIDEO SAT SHOW 97 abounded with special manifestations such as round
table discussions, debates... (Digital TV - Today & Tomorrow, Cable TV, The
Future of Radio & TV stations in Serbia & Montenegro etc.). During the show
the association of cable distributors of Yugoslavia was formed with the
intent of forwarding the development of cable in Yugoslavia.

  If you want to learn more about the VIDEO SAT SHOW 97, you will find more
information in one of the next issues(probably 5-6) of  TELE-SATELLIT
(Germany) as they will publish a detailed report about the Yugoslav VIDEO

  By: Vladimir Pekic
  Source: Satelit TV Video, Belgrade. email: satelitv@eunet.yu 

(c)TELE-satellit 1997. All rights reserved.

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