TS News - Primestar Expands Capacity

TELE-satellit News, 21 April 1997

Primestar Expands Capacity
  BALA CYNWYD, Pennsylvania, USA, 97/04/21 (TS) -- Subscribers to
Primestar, an American DBS service, who hadn't been paying attention woke
up on Sunday morning with a confusing line-up of channels on their sets.
Those that knew about the 5am upgrade to the service would have found an
extra 65 channels, capacity was upgraded from 95 to 160 channels, and
channels grouped together according to format.

  The new channel line-up allows what the company calls "hyper-surfing,"
the ability to be able to quickly check all the news channels, or all the
sports channels, by using just the up and down channel buttons.

  In addition, the company also unveiled a World Wide Web site at
http://www.primestar.com .

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