TS News - Thaicom Set For April 12 Launch

TELE-satellit News, 18 March 1997

Thaicom Set For April 12 Launch
  BANGKOK, Thailand, 97/03/18 (SatND) -- April 12 has reportedly been
confirmed by Arianespace as the launch date for THAICOM 3. An identical
satellite, THAICOM 4, is expected to be launched early next year -- or even
within six months in case something goes wrong with THAICOM 3.

  THAICOM 3 will be located at 78.5E and replace THAICOM 2, which will be
moved to 120E. The satellite operator, Shinawatra Satellite Plc. of
Thailand, hopes to expand its business beyond the borders of its country.
So far, just ten percent of the THAICOM capacity were used by foreign
companies. The half of THAICOM 3's transponders, however, will be used by
customers from outside Thailand.

  It is yet unknown whether THAICOM reception in the C-band will remain
possible in parts of Europe; a side-effect that according to earlier
Shinawatra statements was by no means unintentional. (In fact, it seems to
have sparked off the pay-TV channel Thaiwave in Europe.) DXers will have to
wait and see: THAICOM 2 moves to a position that is invisible from Europe.
THAICOM 1 will stay at 78.5E but be used for telecommunications purposes.
Television broadcasts will mainly be on THAICOM 3.

  By: Peter Klanowski
  Source: Sat-ND
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