TS News - DirecTV Japan Announces Plans

TELE-satellit News, 97/03/12

DirecTV Japan Announces Plans
  TOKYO, Japan, 97/03/12 (TS) -- DirecTV Japan has announced preliminary
plans for its launch, which has now been brought forward by six months to
autumn 1997. DirecTV Japan announced that six groups, which are also the
six joint owners of DirecTV Japan, have each applied for licenses to
operate 12 channels.

  This would give the service 72 channel at launch and the company said it
hopes to attract more content providers before launch. The plans are very
different from other nations, where cable and satellite TV are more
developed, in that many of the channels will be new and carried exclusively
on DirecTV Japan. Competitors PerfecTV, which launched last year, followed
a similar pattern and now has a large number of original channels. Japan
Sky Broadcasting (JSkyB) on the other hand, plans to copy its successfull
UK formula and provide a small number of channels and then package many
others in its single subscription.

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