TS News - DirecTV Announces New Channels

TELE-satellite News, 10 March 1997

DirecTV Announces New Channels
  NEW YORK, New York, USA, 97/03/10 (TS) -- American digital satellite
service provider DirecTV has recently announced new channels to be added to
its services. DirecTV said it will be adding Chicago superstation WGN to
its line up, in the Total Choice package on channel 256. The channel was
recently dropped by a number of cable companies and DirecTV is obviously
hoping that fans of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs will switch to the
satellite service to resume their fix of live games.

  Also, beginning April 10, a greater range of programming services
available will join the DirecTV lineup. They include TV Food Network,
Animal Planet, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Romance Classics, Channel
Earth, two additional STARZ! premium movie channels, an additional Encore
movie channel, Fox Sports Midwest, Sports Channel Florida and Fox Sports
Arizona.  Also, QVC and Fox Sports West 2 will be added to the DirecTV
lineup on March 10 and March 28 respectively.

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