TS News - Atlas Launches Tempo Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 10 March 1997

Atlas Launches Tempo Satellite
  CAPE CANAVERAL AIR STATION, Florida, USA, 97/03/10 (TS) -- An Atlas IIA
rocket successfully placed the Tempo broadcasting satellite into orbit on
Sunday morning at 1:01am EST. After several delays for weather, the launch
became the 29th consecutive successful launch from the facility. The Atlas
IIA, designated AC-128 for the Tempo mission, is one of four variants in
the Atlas family presently launching satellites for domestic and
international customers.

  Tempo was built by Space Systems/Loral for TeleCommunications, Inc. of
Littleton, Colo. Once in final orbit the satellite, one of a new generation
of high-powered direct broadcast satellites and will occupy the 118.8
degrees West longitude orbital location, able to provide direct-to-home
television service throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and
Puerto Rico.

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