TS News - Indian TV May Beam From Phillippine Bird

TELE-satellit News, 18 February 1997

Indian TV May Beam From Phillippine Bird
  NEW DELHI, India, 97/02/18 (TS) -- Indian TV may soon be broadcasting
from a satellite owned by the Phillippines. The government of the Asian
country is offering Indian broadcasters space on its upcoming Agila 1B
satellite, which will be launched in December this year by Ariane rocket.

  India's PTI said up to eight C-band transponfers and seven ku-band
transponders are being offered to Indian broadcasters. A company in Delhi,
Public Affairs Management (PAM), is handling the promotions after signing
an agreement with Diliman Republic Enterprises (DRE), the company with
exclusive marketing rights for the craft. Talks have already taken place
with Zee TV, El TV, Sony, NEPC, Jj TV, Home TV and other channels, PTI
quoted an official as saying.

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