TS News - MBC Signs For Hot Bird 5

TELE-satellit News, 19 February 1997

MBC Signs For Hot Bird 5
  LONDON, England, 97/02/18 (SatND) -- MBC (Middle East Broadcasting
Centre) has signed a new twelve year contract with British Telecom (BT) for
uplinki services on the Hot Bird 5 satellite. BT currently supplies uplink
services for MBC on Eutelsat II-F1. The contract will allow MBC to migrate
seamlessly to the new Hot Bird 5, which will be co-located at the 13
degrees East orbital position. The service will continue to be monitored
and controlled by BT's London Teleport.

  To be launched in 1998, Hot Bird 5 will offer MBC expanded satellite
coverage and access to the expanding direct-to-home and cable television
markets. The satellite will also give MBC access to cable and MMDS systems
in the Middle East.

  The relationship between the two companies began in 1991 when BT
installed on-site uplink facilities at MBC's headquarters and provided
satellite capacity on a Eutelsat satellite. MBC describes itself as the
world's leading international satellite delivered news and entertainment
service broadcasting in Arabic. It is available throughout the Middle East,
Europe, North Africa and Central Africa via Eutelsat and Arabsat. Its
programmes are also transmitted to the U.S., Canada and Central America
through the ANA Television Network (ARAB-NET).

  By: Peter Klanowski
  Source: Sat-ND
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