TS News - France Telecom Acquires Keystone Communications

TELE-satellit News, 21 January 1997

France Telecom Acquires Keystone Communications
  PARIS, France, 97/01/21 (TS) -- France Telecom has acquired 100 percent
of Keystone Communications, the carrier has announced. Keystone is a
leading broadcast transmission services provider in the United States and
ads to France Telecom's European operations which include its own services
and those of Maxat, a subsidiary.

  Michel Combes, senior vice president for broadcast services at France
Telecom, remarked in a press release, "Our acquisition of Keystone serves
as an important step in our international strategy to provide customers
with managed, seamless end-to-end broadcast transmission services across
Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific region."

  "Keystone will continue to build a strong U.S. market base and become a
driving force in France Telecom's international Global Account Managment
offer," stated Stephen A. McNeeley, president and CEO of Keystone.

  France Telecom owns and operates a regional 4-bird satellite system
Telecom 2.  France Telecom also enjoys permanent access to capacities on
both Eutelsat (No. 2 signatory) and Intelsat (No. 4 signatory).

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