TS News - AT&T Says Telstar 401 Lost

TELE-satellit News, 21 January 1997

AT&T Says Telstar 401 Lost
  TOKYO, Japan, 97/01/21 (TS) -- AT&T Skynet announced over the weekend
that its Telstar 401 satellite cannot be recovered. The satellite suffered
its fatal failure on Saturday 11 at 6:15am EST. In the meantime AT&T is
bring Telstar 302 back into service to take over some of the traffic that
has been displaced by the loss of its satellite.

  The old satellite, which is in inclined orbit, will remain in use until
Telstar 5 is launched later this year. The new satellite will take over
many of the customers that were on Telstar 401, including ABC, Fox, UPN and

  The satellite was part of a deal under which AT&T is selling its Skylink
service to Loral. The two companies are now re-negotiating the price of the

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