TS News - Controversy Over Independent Bosian TV

TELE-satellit News, 8 January 1997

Controversy Over Independent Bosian TV
  PRAGUE, Czech Republic, 97/01/08 (OMRI) -- Kosta Jovanovic, news director
of TVIN, Bosnia's internationally funded independent television network,
said on 7 January that TVIN was resuming broadcasting after having stopped
on 1 January due to satellite problems, Oslobodjenje reported.

  But when the station went silent, the Bosnian Federation's state-run
media launched a campaign saying that the station had stopped broadcasting
because of a financial scandal in which local stations contributing to
TVIN's broadcast were cheated, AFP reported on 5 January. Jovanovic said
the accusations were a deliberate attempt to discredit the network before
the Brussels fund-raising conference. In other news, Bosnia-Herzegovina is
supposed to take up the presidency of the Central European Initiative (CEI)
in 1997, AFP reported on 4 January.

  By: Daria Sito Sucic
  Source: This material was reprinted with permission of the Open Media
          Institute, a nonprofit organization with research offices in Prague,
          Czech Republic. For more information on OMRI publications, please 
          write to:  info@omri.cz

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