TS News - GI Announces New MPEG Customers

TELE-satellit News, 9 December 1996

GI Announces New MPEG Customers
  READING, England, 96/12/05 (TS) -- General Instrument Corporation has
announced new customers for its MPEG-2 digital video compression system.
Bell Canada, Canada's largest telephone company, and a consortium made up
of Convergent Media Systems Corporation, Hughes Network Systems ,
Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS) , and Westcott Communications,
have adopted GI's digital television systems technology.

  Bell Canada will use the equipment in two trial locations in London,
Ontario and Repentigny, Quebec. The company says it will provide customers
in those regions with digital tiered-access controlled broadcast and
services such as an interactive program guide and Near-Video-on-Demand
(NVOD) during the trial. Bell Canada has signed equipment contracts for
General Instrument encoders, headend  and transmission equipment, as well
as digital consumer set-top terminals.

  Under the agreement with the business TV consortium, GI will provide its
MPEG 2 digital video compression system. The company will also license its
new Network Control System, which will allow the Consortium's customers to
efficiently control and manage their subscribers.

  Last month GI won a 1996 Emmy Award from the Academy of Television Arts
and Sciences for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development" and
its "pioneering work in the development and implementation of digital
compression systems for television signal delivery".
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