TS News - Lockheed Martin To Build Koreasat 3

TELE-satellit News, 9 December 1996

Lockheed Martin To Build Koreasat 3
  SEOUL, South Korea, 96/12/09 (TS) -- Lockheed Martin has been selected as
builder of the new Mugunghwa 3, or Koreasat 3, said Korea Telecom last
week. Also bidding for the contract was Hughes and Aerospatiale. The
company also supplied Koreasats 1 and 2 and was favorite for the new contract.

  Contributing to the victory was the low price offered by Lockheed Martin
and the light weight of the A2100 platform which will in turn lead to lower
launch costs.

  Koreasat 3 has a 15 year life-span and will broadcast to the Korean
peninsula and East Asia in general via 24 transponders. It is scheduled to
be launched in July 1999.

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