TS News - Grupo Televisa To Offer Digital Television In Spain

TELE-satellit News, 3 December 1996

Grupo Televisa To Offer Digital Television In Spain
  MEXICO CITY, Mexico, 96/12/03 (TS) -- Mexico's Grupo Televisa has signed
a deal with a group of Spanish broadcasters, including Telefonica Espana,
to offer digital television in Spain. The service will begin broadcasting
in early 1997 and eventually number 70 channels, said Televisa.

  Pilot broadcasting of the direct-to-home service via satellite is
scheduled to begin next month with Grupo Televisa, along with the other
broadcasters, providing programming content. The technical side of the
service will be handled by Telefonica Espana.

  Grupo Televisa will have a 17% interest in the new venture as will Radio
Television Espanola and the private station Antenna 3. Telefonica Espana
will control 35%; Television de Catalunya, 6%; TeleMadrid, 4%, Channel 9,
2%; and Television Galicia, 1%. The remaining 1% will be assigned at a
later date upon majority agreement.

  The Mexican company is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking
world, and a major player in the international entertainment business. Its
interests include the Univision network in the US and satellite channels
broadcast in the Americas and Europe such as Galavision, ECO and Tele Hit.
It also owns a share in PanAmSat.

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