TS News - Russians To Launch From Canada

TELE-satellit News, 11 October 1996

Russians To Launch From Canada
  OTTAWA, Canada, 96/10/11 (TS) -- Akjuit Aerospace has signed an agreement
with Scientific and Technological Center Complex (STC Complex) of Russia
that teams the
SpacePort Canada launch facilities of Akjuit with the START family of launch
vehicles of STC. SpacePort Canada is the world's first international
commercial polar spaceport.

  The Canadians called the signing an "historic achievement" because it will
lead to the launch of a Russian launch vehicle from Canada will mark the
first time in history that a country has delivered its orbital launch
vehicle to another country's launch site.

  Akjuit Aerospace's President and CEO Ms. Siobhan M. Mullen says the
partnership will allow SpacePort Canada to provide complete, turn-key
services to non-military, commercial space customers.  "What we are building
is an international airport for international launch vehicles."

  The first launch from SpacePort Canada under this international alliance
is projected for late 1998.

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