TS News - MTV Achieves Goal Of Regional European Programming

TELE-satellit News, 7 September 1996

MTV Achieves Goal Of Regional European Programming
  LONDON, England, 96/09/07 (TS) -- MTV Europe has finally achieved a long
held goal of transmitting three regional streams into Europe using digital
technology. The idea was first floated several years ago and service began
on September 2.

  By using digital compression, MTV Europe is able to send three regional
streams (northern, central and southern) via a single transponder.

  "MTV is pioneering an entirely new way of scheduling programming across
Europe", comments Rachel Purnell, senior vice president, editorial
(programming & production), MTV Networks Europe. "In order to meet the
diverse needs of our growing European audience, we have totally rebuilt the
MTV programme schedule. MTV will always remain a pan-European service, but
satellite technology has given us the flexibility to adjust our programming
content to cater for the varying needs of our three key broadcast territories."

  The new development allows MTV Europe to schedule the same programme at
different times in different regions to accommodate differing viewing
patterns across the three services. It also allows the channel to transmit
specially made programmes - or "versioned" segments of existing shows -
which are targeted specifically at a given region. Separate services will
also enable MTV to make optimum use of its on-screen presenters, by allowing
the channel to appoint programme hosts according to their appeal in
different territories. The three services will also reflect regional
audience tastes through news, artists, on-air competitions and tour

  The first of MTV Europe's specially made shows is MTV Hot - a new prime
time news, entertainment and music programme which debuted on 2 September
1996. The network will produce three separate versions of MTV Hot, employing
different presenters and subtle differences in tone, pace and content for
each service.

  MTV Hot will be scheduled at different times and for different durations
across with network. In the Northern region, MTV Hot will be broadcast in
half-hour segments on weekdays between 1900-1930 CET, with a half-hour
roundup programme on Saturdays at 1330-1400 CET. In the Southern region, MTV
Hot will run for half an hour every weekday between 1800-1830 CET, with a
one-hour roundup on Saturdays at 1700-1800 CET. Meanwhile, the Central
service will broadcast the show between 1900-1930 CET, with the weekly
roundup on Saturdays between 1700-1800 CET.

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