TS News - BSkyB Announces Computer Channel Launch

TELE-satellit News, 7 September 1996

BSkyB Announces Computer Channel Launch
  LONDON, England, 96/09/07 (TS) -- British Sky Broadcasting has announced
the launch of another "channel" to its Sky Multichannels programming
package. The Computer Channel will run a two hour block between 6pm and 8pm
daily from November 1.

  The London based broadcaster said, "The Computer Channel will have a broad
appeal, attracting children and grandparents, novices and experts. The
channel will cover every aspect of the developing computer world. Including
hardware, software, the internet, games, and educational issues."

  Programming will be themed each night, with four half-how programming
strands. The evening will start with a beginner's guide to technology in
Family Guide, followed by game reviews and tips in Games World. Computer
News from around the world will be featured in Global Village at 7pm with an
expert guide to technology in Chips with Everything, from 7.30pm. The
production company for The Computer Channel will be Hewland International.

  Derek Wyatt, director of The Computer Channel, said, "We don't want to
create a narrow and specialised channel but entertain and inform a broad
range of computer users. We also hope to develop telephone help-lines, as
well as text and on-line services, to create a service that viewers can use
throughout the day, and watch every night."

  Ian West, director of business development at Sky Television said, "Sky's
subscribers have always been recognized as major consumers of new
technology. More than a third of our viewers have home computers - 30% above
the national average - and the time is right to launch a channel that
appeals to this growing market."

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