TS News - Fox Kids Network Announces UK Launch Plans

TELE-satellit News, 6 September 1996

Fox Kids Network Announces UK Launch Plans
  LOS ANGELES, California, USA, 96/09/06 (TS) -- Rupert Murdoch's News
Corporation has officially announced the launch of Fox Kids Network in the
UK. The company has set an October 19 launch date. The news had been
expected for some time after BSkyB announced a range of new programming and
channels for its UK multi channel package.

  Announcement of the new European channel was made today by Margaret
Loesch, President, Fox Kids Networks Worldwide, and signifies the channel's
entry into the European marketplace.

  Fox Kids Network in the UK will broadcast a 13-hour schedule each day from
6am to 7pm with live-action and animated comedy, drama and action-adventure
programs aimed at children of all ages, the channel said. In addition, Fox
Kids also will program up to seven hours of commercial-free educational
series each week.

  "Our tremendous success in the U.S. is a testament to the fact that Fox
Kids' unique and innovative programming and branding formula appeals to
children," said Margaret Loesch, president, Fox Kids Networks Worldwide.

  She continued, "The strong performance of Fox Kids and partner Saban
International's series currently broadcast in the UK indicates both a
tremendous interest in, and an exceptional opportunity for, our unique brand
of children's entertainment.  We have an opportunity to expose an entirely
new audience to the excitement of Fox Kids Networks around the world."

  The service will be broadcast on the same transponder as Sky 2, which
launched Sept. 1, 1996, with general entertainment programming from 7pm to
6am. Sky 2 is transmitted on Astra 1A, Transponder 7, the former home of
Scandinavia movie channel TV1000.

  Fox Kids programming is seen on Canal Fox in Latin America, with a
full-service kids network planned for later this year. Fox Kids Network
programming is also seen via Foxtel in Australia.

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