TS News - Launch Delay For GE-1

TELE-satellit News, 24 August 1996

Launch Delay For GE-1
  SAN DIEGO, California, USA, 96/08/23 (TS) -- Lockheed Martin Astronautics
announced Friday that the Atlas launch of the GE-1 satellite for GE
Americon, scheduled for August 30, will be rescheduled to no earlier than
September 8. The company said the delay was to allow replacement of the the
spacecraft's on-board computer (OBC).

  A problem developed during OBC testing at the supplier on a unit scheduled
for future flight. The OBC will be removed, reworked, retested and
reinstalled on GE-1. Lockheed Martin Astro Space Commercial (LMASC) is
building the commercial communications spacecraft for GE Americom. Launch
services aboard Atlas are provided by ILS International Launch Services and
Lockheed Martin Astronautics.

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