TS News - Italians On Hot Bird 2

TELE-satellit News, 24 August 1996

Italians On Hot Bird 2
  ROME, Italy, 96/08/23 (TS) -- Italian satellite viewers and dealers are
waiting with bated breath for the launch of the new EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 2
satellite. That is because out of the 20 transponders on the new satellite,
10 transponders have been leased by Italian media companies.

  Each of the 20 transponders can transmit between 4 and 8 digital TV
channels depending of the type of compression used. The reservations are as
follows: Telepiu (4), RAI (2), Berlusconi s TV holding Mediaset (1), Cecchi
Gori - owner of TMC and Videomusic channels (1) and Stet - state run
telecommunications company (2).

  Telepiu will use its transponders to transmit its 3 existing terrestrial
channels as well as a package of foreign satellite channels and PPV
football. Mediaset is planning to offer several pay TV channels on its
transponders. RAI who has leased transponder space for 8 channels will
probably transmit only 2 or 3, but will use a different decoder than Telepiu.

  By: Branislav Pekic

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