TS News - Forced Holidays At Satellite Maker

TELE-satellit News, 17 August 1996

Forced Holidays At Satellite Maker
  MOSCOW, Russia, 96/08/17 (OMRI) -- Some 8,000 workers at the Applied
Mechanics Association company (OPM) in Zheleznogorsk (the former
Krasnoyarsk-26), which manufactures space satellite communications systems,
were sent on forced leave until 1 October, ITAR-TASS reported on 16 August.

  OPM lacks the money to pay wages and continue production, due to the fact
that in 1996 its customers--the Defense Ministry, the Russian Space Agency,
and the Moscow--based association Informkosmos--only paid 10% of the money
they owed. The company was in part paid with bills of exchange issued by the
recently collapsed Tveruniversalbank.

  By: Natalia Gurushina
  Source: This material was reprinted with permission of the Open Media Research
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