TS News - Chinasat-7 Launch Planned For Sunday

TELE-satellit News, 16 August 1996

Chinasat-7 Launch Planned For Sunday
  XICHANG, Sichuan Province, China, 96/08/16 (TS) -- The first US built
communications satellite designed to serve mainland China is scheduled for
launch this weekend. 
  ChinaSat 7, a Hughes HS 376, is owned by the China Telecommunications
Broadcast Satellite Corp. (ChinaSat). Launch is scheduled for Sunday aboard
a Long March 3 rocket from the Xichang space center in southwestern China.

  There are two launch windows, each about an hour long. The first opens at
6:25pm Beijing time (0625 EDT, 1025 UTC), and the second at 8:54pm Beijing
(0854 EDT, 1254 UTC)

  In common with most other HS 376 models, ChinaSat 7 will have 24 active
transponders. The satellite is expected to operate 10 years, carrying voice,
fax, data, television and other general communications services in C-band
across China and parts of Southeast Asia.  

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