TS News - Delta To Provide Satellite TV On Aircraft

TELE-satellit News, 13 August 1996

Delta To Provide Satellite TV On Aircraft
  ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, 96/08/13 (TS) -- Watch out for CNN, Headline News,
CNBC and Discovery Channel live next time you fly Delta. The US airline has
announced one of its aircraft has been fitted out with equipment to receive
ten channels from DirecTV while in flight.

  The aircraft, a Boeing 767 named "Spirit of Delta," will be flying
domestic routes and providing the new service in place of the usual movies
and information videos. The experiment will last six months after which the
airline will decide on whether this type of service could be installed in
its fleet.

  Don't hold your breath if you live outside the United States though, the
service will likely be available on domestic routes before it begins making
its way onto long haul flights.

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