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TELE-satellit News, 27 July 1996

Transponder News

INTELSAT 510, 49.5E
- Intelsat 510 is drifting westward at a rate of 0.25. It is now supposed to
be around 49.5E. Its final position is expected to be at 33.0E. (Peter C.

GALS 1/2, 36.0E
- According to Jaap van Drongelen, N.T.V. is moved to the former channel
12.165 Ghz rz and has left 12.207 Ghz rhc after one day! The reception on
12.165 Ghz rhc it's now better. (Stefan Hagedorn)

- Regarding this satellite, Mogens Poulsen <MKPoulsen@dk-online.dk> writes, "
When the Greek feed was to be seen on my 'normal' dish, I could see the
Telekom-feed as well, however when filnmet went below the arc the
telekom-feed went as well, but I was able to find both of them with my
inclined-orbit-tracking dish - at 00.25 CEST it was 14 pulses below. So it
must be the Eutelsat."

- Arabsat 2A has reached a geostationary position at 26.0E, according to
NASA and NORAD data. Test transmissions have already been observed from that
position. (Peter C. Klanowski)

- According to a spokesman of Vox, the German commercial channel will switch
its distribution from DFS 3 Kopernikus to EUTELSAT II-F1 (13E.). Either
11.055 GHz h or 11.596 GHz h will be used. A contract has not been signed as
a few details remain to be negotiated. The channel's broadcasts on DFS 3,
23.5E, will cease by the end of this year. (Stefan Hagedorn)

ASTRA 1A-F, 19.2E
- Holland Media Group will cease the analogue service by RTL 4, RTL 5 and
Veronica 6 Televisie on August15. There is a insert during the programm of
Veronica 6 (10.744 Ghz h). The channel comes on the moment in PAL in the clear.
- SBS 6 and Sport 7, the brand-new sportschannel in the Netherlands, will
broadcast in MPEG 2 too. SBS 6 will leave ASTRA 1D as soon possible. The
question is: what's the name of the succesor?
- TM 3 will replace RTL 5 on September 1st.
- Sky Sports 3, a brand-new programm, has started a teletext on transponder
11.671 Ghz h (former TV3 Norge). Of course, it's the usual Sky Text with the
sign Sky Sports 3. (Stefan Hagedorn)

- Dr Martin van der Ven reports a new radio in French language on Eutelsat
II-F3 (16.0E). It is broadcast on subcarrier 7.38 MHz at 10.968 GHz v.

INTELSAT 601, 27.5W
- The Childrens Channel is back on 11.055 Ghz h. TCC comes between 6.00 to
18.00 CET, after that The Discovery Channel. Signal is always in PAL in the
clear. During the night you can seen a home-shopping  programm. (Stefan

INTELSAT 709, 50.0W
- Intelsat 709 is on the move again. Yesterday, the satellite was observed
at 50.0W instead of 57.0W where in-orbit tests were performed earlier. The
drift was about 0.7 eastward. Intelsat 709 is to take over services from 515
at 18.0W. 515 will be moved to 21.3W where it will replace 512, the latter
being moved to 40.5W to replace 502. (Peter C. Klanowski)

North German radio on ADR
By Stefan Hagedorn

Regional pubcaster NDR will commence transmissions on ASTRA (19.2E) in
digital ADR format on August 1, utilising several subcarriers on the N3
transponder. In detail:
6,12 MHz NDR 4 Special
6,30 MHz NDR 2 (Pop)
6,48 MHz NDR 3 (Classical)
6,66 MHz NDR 4 (Variety) 
6,84 MHz N-Joy Radio (Youth)
NDR 4 Special will not be, as expected, a mix of NDR's subregional FM radio
channels. Instead, it will carry programming of NDR 4's AM outlets which
are frequently used for special events, parliamentary debates, and
foreign-language magazines.

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