TS News - SAT.1 Launches Austrian Service

TELE-satellit News, 27 July 1996

SAT.1 Launches Austrian Service
  MUNICH, Germany, 96/07/25 (Sat-ND) -- German commercial channel SAT.1 has
launched a part-time TV service for neighbouring Austria. Broadcasting via
satellite, programming so far consists of a weekly sports magazine,
available only in 825,000 Austrian cable households.

  Two major shareholders of SAT.1, Leo Kirch and publisher Axel Springer
Verlag, recently acquired the broadcast rights for Austrian football matches
through their joint venture ISPR. Most of the rights were passed on to the
Austrian pubcaster ORF. But not all, as today's first transmission consisted
of the live transmission of the match FC Tirol Innsbruck v/s FC Linz.

  As there is no legal basis for commercial TV in Austria (yet,) SAT.1 uses
a satellite license issued by the UK's Independent Television Commission
ITC. The Austrian SAT.1 service is expected to be expanded in 1997. A SAT.1
press release said informational and entertainment programming would be
added next year.

  Source: Sat-ND

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