TS News - Fox News To Debut October 7th

TELE-satellit News, 20 July 1996

Fox News To Debut October 7th
  NEW YORK, New York, USA, 96/07/20 (SHOPTALK) -- Fox News announced Friday
that its new all-news cable channel, which will compete with CNN and MSNBC,
will debut on Oct. 7. The network was not specific, however, about just what
viewers will be able to find on the channel.

  Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News, told reporters that anchors, reporters
and programming was still being determined for the 24-hour news channel,
which will be available in more than 10 million homes. He added that, while
he is talking to prominent and well-known news talent, he wants to place
emphasis on credible journalists who may not be as well-known to the public.

  As far as the question of Rush Limbaugh, who many have speculated will be
joining the network, Ailes said there was "no status." He did not say,
however, whether talks with the conservative show host were ongoing.

  By: Don Fitzpatrick
  Source: LA Times via Shoptalk, http://www.tvspy.com/ 

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