TS News - CNNfn Expanding To Prime Time

TELE-satellit News, 20 July 1996

CNNfn Expanding To Prime Time
  ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, 96/07/20 (SHOPTALK) -- CNNfn, Ted Turner's
financial network, will expand into prime-time July 29 with two hours of
nightly business news coverage of the entertainment and media industry,
personal finance and consumer products.

  Unfortunately, CNNfn and Turner's most recently launched network, CNN
International, are quickly finding out that one satellite frequency can't
support both of them.  After July 29, CNNI will have to give up two more
hours of its programming to make room for CNNfn's expansion.

  Also to be factored in will be the Dec. 17 launch of CNNSI, the 24-hour
sports news network in which CNN is partnered with Time Warner's Sports
illustrated.  CNN executive VP Lou Dobbs said that nobody knows yet how
satellite space will be shared, if it will be. "That will be up to Ted
(Turner,)" he said.

  By: Don Fitzpatrick
  Source: Daily Variety via Shoptalk, http://www.tvspy.com/ 

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