TS News - Israeli Satellite Amos Begins Operations

TELE-satellit News, 17 July 1996

Israeli Satellite Amos Begins Operations
  BEER SHIVA, Israel, 96/07/17 (TS) -- On July 1st 1996, "Mabat" a Israeli
Company of the Israeli Aviation Industry, announced on the Israeli media,
that satellite "Amos" was ready for commercial operation in Ku-Band from
orbital slot location of 4 West, according to plans. The satellite has two
transmission beams, one over the Middle East, centered on Israel and the
other over Europe, centered on Hungary.

  According to several reports received during the operational tests, the
transmissions are very well received all over Europe with 85 cm to 250 cm
size dishes.

  On Wednesday, July 7th 1996, the first test transmission was performed
from four different locations in Israel to the Amos satellite. The following
companies took part in this test: Mabat Company, the operators of the
satellite; Afikey Tikshoret Company, controlling operation of transponders;
Chalal Company, in charge of marketing the satellite's transponders; R.R.
Satellites Communication-Israel Company, owns transportable and Flyaway
systems for direct transmission to the satellite; The Israeli Educational TV
Channel and The News Company of the Israeli Channel Two.

  During the test, four uplink SNG's belonging to "R.R. Computers &
Communication-Israel" were operated. The uplink transmission sides included:
Andrew antennas; Scientific Atlanta Exciters; Xicom amplifiers and
Tektronix-JVC monitoring systems

  The Israeli Educational TV Channel was transmitted via one transponder of
the satellite. This transmission was received through the Middle-East beam,
all around the region's countries.

  At the same time a downlink system was operated at the transmission center
and MCR of Channel Two's News Company with the capability to receive four
transponders simultaneous. This test was performed in order to check the all
systems that are going to provide services to the  broadcasters in Israel
and around the world.

  The initiator of the test was David Rivel - General Manager of R.R.
Computers & Communication-Israel Co. R.R. Computers and Communication Ltd.
was founded back in 1981 by the share holders of "The Electronic Services
Ltd." which has existed since 1971. The Company was founded in order to deal
with computers and communication via satellite markets.

  With the arrival of CATV in Israel the company became the leader and pilot
of the assembly and erection of the biggest Satellite Dish Farms enabling
the cable operators to receive the Astra satellite signals at a broadcast
quality whilst it is virtually a spill over signal. (Out of an original
intended footprint).

  The Ministry of Communication has granted a special license for "R.R.
COMPUTES AND COMMUNICATION LTD.", to provide Uplink services from the
territory of Israel via Eutelsat, Intelsat, Panamsat, Intersputnik and
others satellites.

  Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 the uplink market
has been monopolized by the Ministry of Communication and later on by
"Bezek", a Governmental Company.

  The Company owns a Teleport in Herzelia and four Transportable uplink
SNG's.  All systems are authorized by Intelsat, Eutelsat, PanAmSat and Amos
Organizations.  The Company has been granted authorizations also from BT,
France Telecom, EBU, Maxat and Keystone.

  Last Friday, July 12th 1996, two days only after the test, the system was
operated for real-time transmissions executed for Channel Two News Company.
It was a live transmission from Bar-Ilan cross-roads in Jerusalem ; a
cross-roads that is now in the headlines, regarding the strife between the
orthodox and the unorthodox on shutting down the road on Saturdays. The
transmission was successfully broadcasted and all systems operated smoothly
as required.

  By: Daniela Ferguson
  Source: R.R. Computers & Communication, Beer-Sheva, Israel

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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