TS News - Digital Multichannel Television broadcasting in Russia

TELE-satellit News, 17 July 1996

Digital Multichannel Television broadcasting in Russia
  YAROSLAV, Russia, 1996/07/17 (TS) -- New Russian TV company "RTR-Teleset"
is currently preparing for the launch of Digital Multichannel Television
(DMTV), a new four channel digital TV service for Russia, reports Andy Zipp
from Russia.

  The programming will be uplinked from Klin and the company is already
planning three channels, with the fourth channel on hold for a while.

  The service will cover most of European Russia and include the program of
"Russia" TV channel, a sports channel and a movie channel.

  DMTV will occupy a half transponder on Intelsat 604 at 60.0E on 11.134,
horizontal polarization. The Meteor Sport channel is planned to begin
broadcasts on 20 July and after the full four channel package has launched
the number of services will be expanded to six, and then twelve.

  By: Andy Zipp, "City Channel TV" Yaroslavl, Russia

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