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TELE-satellit News, 16 July 1996

Transponder News

INTELSAT 703, 57.0E
Peter Krause has observed the Indian channel NEPC at 4.050 GHz lhc, sound
subcarrier 6.6 MHz. Reception in the western part of Germany is fair with a
2.8m (9ft.) dish. (Peter Klanowski)

- First transmission for German DSF Plus were seen on channels 12.592 Ghz v,
12.692 Ghz h and 12.658 Ghz v. The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone was
sent in analogue PAL-mode (inculding an onscreen-logo). It was a test for
the MPEG 2-programm by DSF Plus for the cable-network Munich. DF 1, produced
by Kirch, will start on July28. The question is, will they broadcast the
feed-signal for DSF Plus in analogue too? (Stefan Hagedorn)

ASTRA 1A-F, 19.2E
- Simon Beattie in the UK reports, "There is a rumour that BSkyB will be
launching a second entertainment channel called SKY 2. It will begin in
October/November and will probably share an Astra 1D transponder with one of
the new Granada channels. The service will commence broadcasting at 6:00pm."

- Sports-programm Sentanta Sport was back on 12.606 Ghz v. But, the signal
was broadcast often in videocrypt, on sunday too. (Stefan Hagedorn)

INTELSAT 603, 34.5W
- Activity on another transponder: A testcard without origin had
been broadcasting on 11.638 Ghz v, sound at 6.60/7.20 MHz according to
Jean-Gerard Hemmer. (Stefan Hagedorn)

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