TS News - Galaxy Adds To Programming Line Up

TELE-satellit News, 16 July 1996

Galaxy Adds To Programming Line Up
  FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, USA, 96/07/16 (TS) Latin America's DirecTV
service has announced agreements to provide the region with HBO Ole Partners
and HBO Brasil Partners. Under the agreement, subscribers throughout Latin
America and Brasil will receive as many as five multiplexed feeds of HBO Ole
and Cinemax or HBO Brasil and soon, Cinemax Brasil, as well as The Warner
Channel (WBTV) and Sony Entertainment Television (SET) which will be
available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

  The agreement also allows Galaxy Latin America (GLA) to offer several new
channels that are in development and are expected to be launched in the next
few months, said the company.

  "The increased capacity offered by DIRECTV opens the door for a wider
variety of programming options and enhanced value for our subscribers," said
Jose Antonio Rios, president and chief executive officer of GLA.

  HBO Ole Partners is a partnership among Home Box Office and Warner Bros.,
Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Ole Communications. HBO Brasil Partners is
a partnership between HBO Ole Partners and TVA of Abril Group.

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