TS News - New Japanese TV Channel For Asia

TELE-satellit News, 8 July 1996

New Japanese TV Channel For Asia
  TOKYO, Japan, 96/07/03 (TS) -- Japan's Sumitomo Corporation and TCI of the
US have joined with several Japanese private broadcasters to offer a new
channel of Japanese TV programming across Asia, according to reports in this
morning's Japanese press and TV.

  An already announced member of the package is Tokyo Broadcasting System
(TBS) which is one of the largest commercial TV networks in Japan. The new
channel will feature dramas, specials and general entertainment from
Japanese channels and compete against the drier line up that public NHK
currently offers.

  It will broadcast 24 hours a day in Japanese, English, Chinese and Thai
from an as-yet-unidentified satellite to ten countries in Asia including
Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia.

  Sumitomo owns a share of J-SAT, the company that operates the JC-Sat
series of satellites. It's new JC-Sat 3 is capable of transmitting across
Asia and this makes it a likely candidate for home of the new service.

  The two companies have already established an alliance in the Japanese
cable TV business and are jointly planning new channels for Japan.

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