Egyptian Satellite Channel

Hi Hamed,
You ask:

>I would really appreciate if you can help us to find what is happening
>Egyptian Satellite Channel (ESC) that used to broadcast on the AlphaStar.
>I know AlphaStar used to use your equipment.

We say:
Thanks for the enquiry, but I doubt that AlphaStar used our equipment as we
are a magazine publisher and and as such, do not supply kit. However, in
TELE-satellite International we do publish the most comprehensive
up-to-date Global Satellite Chart around, and a quick look turned up ESC1
on Arabsat 2a, 26,0 degrees E; trans 2; 3,761 R; PAL ; 6,60A; medium. You
can get your own copy via our subscripsion service from chris@satcodx.com
Hope this helps,
Merve Iles  

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