Greek Sat-Channel ERT1

Hi Vassilas,

You ask:
>I am Greek and living in Germany. I heard, that the Greek
>Sat-channel ERT1 (or ET1) changes satellite. Unfortunately
>i didn't found out which satellite and TV-norm it will
>be. On Hot-Bird there is an Greek Digital TV-packet hostet
>by Filmnet Hellas. Which channels are in this packet?

We say:
Thanks for the question which was passed to me for a reply. Unfortunately
such info lies outside my frame of responsibility, but our famous Dr. Dish
is eminently capable of providing an answer. He may be found on
drdish@sat-net.com. Alternatively, you will find all the latest information
in our Global Satellite Charts pulished in our specialist magazine,
TELE-satellite International, on sale at all good newsagents throughout
Europe. Daily updates can be found on our web site: http://www.SATCODX.com.
Hope you find this useful,
Merve Iles   

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