Copy of: 3,66m + StarTrak850e

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From:   Mervyn G. Iles, 100663,1052
TO:     Soupramanien Eric, INTERNET:eric23@guetali.fr
CC:     Customer Services File, INTERNET:ts-customer@tele-satellite.com
DATE:   09/05/97 18:28

RE:     Copy of: 3,66m + StarTrak850e

Hi Eric,
You wrote:

>Questions: I've got a parabol of 3,66 meter with a StarTrak 850e receiver
and lnb 17=B0k with polorator of chaparal for reception on band C.Il live
REunion island and Iwant to know what I must do for the reception for
numeric.What sort of receiver and what model  of receiver ? and LNB ?.

We say:

Sorry, Eric, far too technical for me. You need to fire this one off to our
helpful, brillant and  handsome Dr.Dish who, I am sure will provide you
with an instant, satisfactory reply. You can find him on: drdish@cuci.nl 
Let me know if you get stuck,
Best Regards,
Merve Iles

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