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You Asked:
>Questions: can you e mail me a complete list
>of all the channels in the air , from tokio to afrika etc
>with all the satelite names
>thank you very much
>love sandra xxx
We say:

Hi Sandra,
I guess it took you around 15 seconds for you to pose the question. If I started
typing the list now I would probably finish around next Christmas, by which time
the answer would be completely out of date. ( I'm not the world's best typist.)
As you probably know, the list of channels changes daily with new satellites
coming on line, old ones going off the air, radio and TV channels hopping about
between birds like fleas changing hosts. This is why TELE-satellite
International publishes the most comprehensive lists of channels and their
satellites, including their footprints, anywhere around, every two months.
Moreover, our web sites contain all the latest news about changes, updated on a
daily basis. So, why not take out a subscription to TELE-satellite and and get
all the latest data "hot off the press." Just fire off an e-mail to Chris
Williams, our subscription supervisor, on 100574.1003@compuserve.com and your
question will be quickly, comprehensively and regularly answered. I hope this
love Merve xxx ! 

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