SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 24-30 June

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 24-30 June

The top story this week was the replacement of Intelsat 510
at 57E on 26 June. Intelsat 703 has now taken over all channels.
Here are the reports about this event:

WorldNet has switched to Intelsat 703: 4,050 R
Better reception in Australia and much stronger in Norway and Italy

ETV, Ethiopia has switched to Intelsat 703: 3,917 R,
weaker signal in Norway

A test card has turned up on Intelsat 703: 4,058 L

Kazak TV(?) has switched/moved to Intelsat 703: 11,550 H from 11,525 V

--- ASTRA:
All MPEG-2 packages on Astra 1D/1E have been updated and
several new transponders have been added.
Here are the users for the "new" transponders:

Betatechnik on Astra 1D/1E: 10,818 V (tp 56), 11,720 V (tp 65)
and 12,032 H (tp 81)
Canal Satellite Numérique on Astra 1E: 11,740 V (tp 66)
Nethold/Multichoice on Astra 1E: 11,876 H (tp 73)
SES on Astra 1E: 11,895 V (tp 74)
(for a complete channel line-up, please see the Astra chart)

AB Sat DStv tests on Eutelsat II f1: 11,638 H, MPEG-2, 09-20 CET
Updates on the Telepiú DStv MPEG-2 package on Hot Bird 1: 12,542 V

NRK 2 test card on Intelsat 707: 11,485 H, D2-MAC,
saying it will start on 31 August

NTV has replaced ACT on GALS 1: 12,168 R, SECAM
Test card saying "TCI from Gorizont satellite 34"
on Gorizont 17 at 34E: 11,525 R

TV 5 has moved its home pages to http://www.tv5.org/

--- ASIA:
ATN - Asia TV Network on PAS 4: 4,179 V, PAL
UTV Thailand on Thaicom 1/2 has a split screen promo with several channels
JAIN Satellite TV has left PAS 4
More digital channels have been added on Apstar 1: 3,660 V

--- Launch updates:
The schedule for Intelsat 709 (launched 960615):
960625-960712: payload IOT at 53W
960713-24: drifting to 18W
9608early: will begin service 

Updated Ariane launches:
9608: Telecom 2D (V90)
9609: Echostar 2 (V91)
9610: Insat 2D (V92)
9610: Measat 2 (V92)

--- The July Competition:
A new round of the competition starts today, since it's 1 July.
Everyone are welcome to send in corrections or updates to the chart.
For more information about how to do it and what you get in return,
please take a look at "Conbributions" at SATCO DX Satellite Chart.
The prize for this month is a Citizen LCD video projector.
Good luck!

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