SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 17-23 June

SATCO DX Satellite Chart - Updates 17-23 June

The top story this week was the start of transmissions on
Galaxy 9 at 123W. More about this later in the mail.

Kink FM on Astra 1E: 12,012 V (tp 80), MPEG-2
Veronica 6 and Hitradio Veronica on Astra 1F: 12,441 V (tp 102), MPEG-2

Bloomberg TV and The Discovery Channel have replaced EBN and Sport 7
in the Multichoice package on Astra 1E: 11,954 H (tp 77), MPEG-2

Dutch SCPC package on Eutelsat II f1: 11,123 H to 11,130 H
Automobile has started on Eutelsat II f1: 12,521 H, MPEG-2, 08-21 CET
RTL on Eutelsat II f1: 11,610 H, MPEG-2 is using SR 5632 and FEC 3/4

CNBC Europe on Astra 1D has moved its home page to

NBC Super Channel on Eutelsat II f1 has moved its home page to

Iran-e-Azad (the Iranian opposition channel) on Eutelsat II f2
has a home page in Farsi/English at http://www.iran-e-azad.org/

Test card on Amos 1: 11,155 H, Central European beam,
very strong in Germany

--- ASIA:
TVSN - TV Shopping Network on PAS 2: 4,180 V, NTSC
UTV Thailand test card on Thaicom 1/2: 3,882 V, PAL
Panafnet tests on Gorizont 31: 3,875 R, PAL
USTV and CBS, Taiwan on Apstar 1: 3,660 V, digital package
LNTV - Laos National TV started on Rimsat G1: 3,775 L on 26 May

Galaxy 9 (G9) started its transmissions at 123W:
  3,980 H (tp 14): Sundance East (new channel)
  4,000 V (tp 15): Showtime East
  4,040 V (tp 17): Nickelodeon West
  4,060 H (tp 18): The Movie Channel West
  4,080 V (tp 19): MTV West
All in NTSC, VC2+

Antenna-1 on Telstar 303 (T3): 4,140 V (tp 22), NTSC, VC2+
Arab Network on Galaxy 6 (G6): 3,900 V (tp 10), NTSC
Chinese TV on Galaxy 4 (G4): 11,840 H (tp 7), NTSC
Asian TV on Galaxy 4 (G4): 12,110 H (tp 21), NTSC
Filipino Channel on Galaxy 4 (G4): 12,170 H (tp 24), NTSC, Orion
Deutsche Welle TV on Satcom 4 (S4): 3,800 V (tp 5), NTSC
EDTV - Emirates Dubai TV on Galaxy 7 (G7): 3,900 V (tp 10), NTSC

...and finally an expected satellite transfer:
Intelsat 703 will replace Intelsat 510 at 57E on 26 June, 21.00 UTC,

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