SATCO DX Update 960609

SATCO DX Satellite Chart, Updates 3-9 June

TV 6, Moscow on Gorizont 17 at 34E: 11,525 R
(reactivated satellite!)

Zomer TV (Netherlands) on Astra 1D: 10,773 H (tp 53) and on
Eutelsat II f3: 11,638 H, PAL, 20-24 CET, will end 31 August

Pink TV on Eutelsat II f4 M: 11,181 H, Sun 12-18 CET, Serbian

Wetter & Reise TV has started regular programs on Kopernikus 3:
11,675 H, PAL

WETV on PAS 3R: 4,154 H and PAS 4: 4,035 H

Changes on the Nethold/MultiChoice packages on Astra 1E:
11,954 H (tp 77) & 12,012 V (tp 80) (see chart for details)

Bayern 3's teletext is partially available at

Scandinavian updates:
SuperSport Nordic on Intelsat 707: 11,543 V, D2-MAC,
started here on 6 June (the National day in Sweden)

SVT 1, SVT 2, DR 1, TV 2 Denmark and NRK 1 on Tele-X: 12,322 L, MPEG-2
Z TV Norge on Tele-X: 12,600 L, MPEG-2
Z TV Norge and TV 6 Norge on Tele-X: 12,668 L, MPEG-2

Live broadcasting:
Radio Comercial at http://www.radiocomercial.pt/
France Info at http://www.radio-france.fr/france-info/index.htm

Home pages:
AB-Sat DStv at http://www.abweb.com/ABSAT.html
France 3 at http://www.france3.fr/
France Supervisio at http://www.francetv.fr/html/supervision.html
Canal Jimmy at http://www.ellipse.fr/Web/HTML/Jimmy_home.html
Planete at http://www.ellipse.fr/Web/HTML/planete_home.html
RTP Internacional at http://www.rtp.pt/rtpinternacional/ (new URL)
Veronica 6 at http://www.veronica.nl:80/aboutveronica/televisie/ (new URL)
RTL West Live at http://www.rtl-westlive.de/

Radio Comercial at http://www.radiocomercial.pt/
NRK P1 at http://www.nrk.no/p1/

HNTV 1 on Asiasat 2: 3,720 H, PAL, Chinese
GDTV 1 on Asiasat 2: 3,840 H, PAL, Chinese
(strong signals as far west as Cyprus)

Test card on the recently launched Palapa C2 at 124E: 4,000 H, PAL
This satellite will replace Palapa C1 at 113E

ACT has replaced 2x2 on Raduga 30: 3,880 R

Show TV on Turksat 1B has a teletext service,
also available at http://www.medyatext.com/showtext/

Home pages:
Kanal 6 at http://www.medyatext.com/kanal6/
LBC Sat at http://www.dm.net.lb/lbcsat/

Home pages:
TNT at http://tvnet.com/tv/us/cable/turner.html#tnt (new URL)
ART America at http://art.gctv.com/

The recently launched Ariane 501 exploded 37 seconds after launch,
but that doesn't delay the planned Ariane 4 schedule.
The next launch with Ariane 4 is Intelsat 709, on 14 June.

Other updates to the Launch chart last week:
960918: Tempo DBS (Loral) with Atlas
96____: Ekspress 3 with Proton, at 80E or 11W
96/97 : Orion 2
9701__: JC-Sat 4 with Atlas
9702__: Thor 2A with Delta, at 1W
9706__: Astra 1G with Proton, at 19.2E, 16 tps in 12,500-12,750 GHz
9708__: Astra 2A with Ariane, at 28.2E, 28 tps in 11,700-12,500 GHz
97____: Nilesat 1 with Ariane
97____: Gorizont 33 with Proton, last Gorizont to be launched
97____: Galaxy 10 with Atlas, 10 C and 24 Ku tps

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