SATCO DX Update 960602

SATCO DX Satellite Chart Update 27 May - 2 June

The top story last week was a "new satellite" at 36E!
It seems to be GALS 2, which apparently has moved from 71E.

Two TV channels are transmitting there:
ACT on 12,168 R, PAL
NTV on 11,835 R, SECAM

One contributor wrote:
"According to info from Moscow, GALS (2?) was promised to be taken to its
new position at 36E. Today (Tuesday), the two transponders began
functioning. Signal is very powerful in Estonia, about 50dBW or more."

The satellite have also been reported by contributors in
Denmark and Sweden. It seems to have a very narrow beam.

TVSH - TV Shqiptar on Eutelsat II f3 has a teletext service
EuroSport on Hot Bird 1 has an Italian subcarrier on 7,92 MHz
VMR - Virgin Megastores Radio has left Intelsat 601: 11,175 H

Home pages:
Europe by Satellite at http://europa.eu.int/en/comm/dg10/infcom/ebsprgen.htm
SR 1 Europawelle Saar at http://www.sr-sb.de/sr1/
Radioropa Info at http://www.die-blauen-seiten.de/radioropa/
TV X - The Fantasy Channel at http://www.televisionx.co.uk/  (correction)

Sudan TV on Intelsat 512: 3,740 R, PAL
Skytrain on Intelsat 704: 11,053 H, PAL, IRDETO
M-Net on Intelsat 602: 3,897 L, PAL, IRDETO
SABC 2 on Intelsat 602: 3,808 L, PAL, IRDETO
Mmabatho TV on Intelsat 601: 3,921 L, PAL, IRDETO

--- ASIA:
Rimsat G1 at 130E:
Sun TV on 3,725 L: Sun TV
3,825 L: ASEAN Net
3,925 L: Sun Music

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