Sat-UK-News #258a 31.05.98: Sky Scottish

Sat-UK-News Report #258a:
- Sky Scottish bites the dust
Sunday 31.05.98
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And now the news:

---------- Sky Scottish bites the dust
 As expected, Sky Scottish did leave Astra 1E, 10.862 H today, following
a line of disappointing failures, including Granada Talk TV, the Weather
Channel, the slightly longer running EBN and CMTE and of course the old
favourite TCC. No announcements were made, no programme listings
published. It just slipped away into the static. The possibility of a
digital re-launch should not be ruled out however. Digital channels cost
a lot less to maintain and run, and we will certainly see the return of
some old favourites (Sky 2 is already slated for a comeback). Until
then, we'll have to make do with 24-hour a day Box Office 3.

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