Sat-UK-News #258 31.05.98: Sky One

Sat-UK-News Report #258:
- Sky One gets facelift
Sunday 31.05.98
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And now the news:

---------- Sky One gets facelift
 As expected, Sky One has had another facelift - but then, if you've
been a Sky subscriber for a while, you'll know that Sky One gets changed
a bit every year. Now they've abandoned the hideous egg-shaped logo, for
Sky One at least, and replaced it with a nice new box logo containing
the word 'one'. The word 'SKY' itself forms part of thr side of the box.
Well, you can see for yourself - the logo is now integrated into the
Astra charts. Personally, I prefer it to the old one. It always seems to
me that the Sky logos, with the egg-shaped insignia, are on the verge of
falling over! This one seems much more stable. The other logos are
planned to be kept for now.
 Incidentally, Sky Scottish is scheduled to finish tonight, or it
finished tomorrow. I can't check tonight - I'm watching the Simpsons and
Friends - sorry! Even the most hard-worked DXers need a rest. If anyone
can let me know, please do!

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