Sat-UK-News #246 09.05.98: Intelsat 801/804

Sat-UK-News Report #246:
- Programming Costs Up, DTH Sub Counts Down At BSkyB
- Intelsat 801 and 804 now in operation
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And now the news:

---------- Programming Costs Up, DTH Sub Counts Down At BSkyB
(source: UK Satellite Control)
 British Sky Broadcasting reported that total paying subscribers - 
consisting of both cable and satellite - increased by 107,000 to 6.8
million during the third quarter, but net DTH growth fell to a mere
2,500 during the three month period. The company blamed the small DTH
subscriber increase on the cost of analog equipment, fewer marketing
promotions and the impending launch of Sky Digital. Churn rose in the
quarter to 16 percent, which BSkyB said follows a seasonal pattern seen
in prior years. The broadcaster said it expects the churn rate to fall
back by year end. Operating revenues for the first nine months of
BSkyB's fiscal year increased 18 percent to $1.781 billion (U.S.).
Subscription revenues, which account for 84 percent of total revenues,
grew 16 percent over the same period last year. Direct-to-home revenues
increased to $1.211 billion. Nine-month operating costs rose by $277
million to $1.351 billion, due to increases in programming, marketing
and operations/overheads. The costs of the new Premier League contract
and rights to England's home Rugby Internationals have been included
within programming costs for the first time.  Programming Costs Up, DTH
Sub Counts Down At BSkyB.

---------- Intelsat 801 and 804 now in operation
 Intelsat 801 has started transmitting properly from 31.5 degrees west.
Feeds can be seen in analogue on 10.966 V, and in MPEG-2 on 10.990 V and
11.013 V. The reception here in Solihull is not too hot on a 1m dish -
there are quite a few black sparklies. I can't pick up the digital
signals. Reception reports are welcome; this satellite has been added to
the charts. Furthermore, Intelsat 804 is also fully operable at 40.5
degrees west, and is transmitting feeds in the C-Band (4.010 V for all
those with C-Band LNBs). As Intelsat 804 is currently a C-Band only
satellite, it has been added to the chart for reference, but has not
been given a listings page.

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