Sat-UK-Web Logo Change

Dear Sat-UK-News and Sat-UK-Tab Subscribers,

Time for another update.

I am still looking for more logotype stills from TV channels to help
complete the frequency listings at Sat-UK-Web. Since my lst update mail,
I have incorporated many more satellites into the new format. The only
remaining satellites are Türksat 1C, Eutelsat II-F1, II-F2, II-F4M,
HotBird 1, HotBird 2, Thor 2, Intelsat 707, Télécom 2B and 2A. The
quicker I can get the logotypes, the quicker I can update these charts.
Thanx to everyone so far who has sent me logotypes.

And staying on the subject of logotypes, it's time for Sat-UK-Web to get
a logo revamp again; I'm gonna change the familiar Sat-UK-Web logo you
see on the title page when you visit the site. However, this time, I
want you to help me. I'm holding a (minor) competition for all
Sat-UK-News and Sat-UK-Tab subscribers. Simply send me your suggested
logo for Sat-UK-Web at the usual address below, and I'll display it on
the suggested logos page at http://www.sat-uk.com/logo.html . In a month
or so, I'll get voting underway and you can choose which logotype you
like most, and it will be incorporated. The winner of the competition
will be the person whose logo receives the most votes from subscribers.
That person will get their own URL or advert displayed on the Sat-UK-Web
on the affiliates page, and on the next 50 Sat-UK-Web AND Sat-UK-Tab
reports. Not bad, eh? So get drawing! I've put a couple of my
suggestions on the suggestions page already. Please take a look!

Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
ICQ UIN: 6621372

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