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Hiya everyone!

Just wanted to send out a general message because a lot of you have been
having problems with unsubscription. If for ny reason (and I can't think
of many :)) you do want to unsubscribe from any Sat-UK list, simply
follow these instructions:

1) Send mail to sat-uk-request@tags1.dn.net OR
sat-uk-tab-request@tags1.dn.net (depending on which list you want to
unsubscribe from) with just the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the main body of the

2) Reply to the confirmation message which will be sent to you.

If you have any trouble with this simple prodecure, mail me at
dominic@bigrp.demon.co.uk, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me which list
you want to unsubscribe from; plenty of people have been mailing me
asking me to unsubscribe them, but having told me WHAT to unsubscribe
them from.

Oh, and one last thing: please NEVER send mail to sat-uk@tags1.dn.net or
sat-uk-tab@tags1.dn.net. The message will not be delivered to me and
will only cause congestion on the list. The email addresses you can use
to reach me if you need me are:


Thanx! Dominic.

Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
ICQ UIN: 6621372

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