Sat-UK-News #244 03.05.98: Astra logo

Sat-UK-News Report #244:
- SES introduces new Astra logo
sunday 3rd may 1998
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And now the news:

---------- SES introduces new Astra logo
 A new ASTRA corporate logo was launched today by Société Européenne des
Satellites (SES), highlighting the dynamic development and ongoing
diversification of its ASTRA Satellite System. Mr Yves Elsen, Director
of Marketing of SES, unveiled the newly styled ASTRA trademark at the
official opening of the ASTRATour pavilion at the Futuroscope in
Poitiers, France. The ASTRA logo continues to be based on graphic
elements symbolising the cornerstone of SES business: geo-stationary
satellites providing TV, radio and multimedia services to audiences
across Europe and beyond.
 The new logos clear and elegant design embodies the appeal and
efficiency of the ASTRA satellite system, which boosted programming
choice for millions of viewers all across Europe. It also  symbolises
the dynamic development plans of SES, which will drive the company
beyond digital TV and radio broadcasting into broadcasting and
multicasting of multimedia services. Last but not least it reflects the
image of a company which is pioneering the development of satellite
based interactive information highways with the ASTRA Return Channel
System (ARCS) scheduled to be available in 1999. States Yves Elsen,
Director of Marketing at SES: "The new logo will further strengthen
ASTRA brand recognition. The roll out of the new trademark across all
ASTRA language markets will be staged to  coincide with extensive
marketing and PR efforts scheduled for this year. ASTRAs traditional
trade partners will discover the new ASTRA design at trade fairs and
exhibitions throughout Europe. This new distinctive emblem will also be
prominently displayed at high profile public events such as the Tour de
France, sponsored by SES for the second year running."

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