Sat-UK #205 27.02.98: HotBird 4, Intel 806, Fashion, TV3

Sat-UK Report #205:
- Double launch tonight
- Fashion and TV3 to go
friday 27th february 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Double launch tonight
 Yes, that's right. Tonight is a funfilled evening for launch lovers.
Both HotBird 4 and Intelsat 603 are scheduled to be launched tonight.
Intel 806 should be taking off sometime after 22.00 with an Atlas launch
vehicle. If you wanna watch, you'll need RealVideo player, as the launch
will be broadcast live over the Internet in RealVideo. For details, see
http://www.intelsat.int/ . Intel 806 will be placed at 40,5 west and
will replaced Intelsat 502 and 512. It will have 3 transponders in the
Ku-Band and 28 transponders in the C-Band.
 HotBird 4 will be launched on Ariane V106 to be placed at 13 east
alongside Eutelsat II-F1 and HotBirds 1, 2 and 3. It will provide 20
transponders in the Ku-High and Low Bands. Future broadcasters on this
satellite already include Hungary's Duna TV. The launch window for
HotBird 4 opens at 22.38 UK time, and ends at 00.07. Coverage will be
available on Télécom 2A and 2B on 3,768 R. If you haven't got C-Band
reception, you'll need point towards 13 east, where coverage will be
available in MPEG-2 on HotBird 3, 12,380 V.

---------- Fashion and TV3 to go
(sources: Fashion TV, Viacom)
 According to on-screen information, Fashion TV will leave Eutelsat
II-F1, 11,055 H on March 21st. It will from then on only be available
digitally in the CSN package on Astra and the French package on HotBird
3. TV3 Sverige, which currently broadcasts on Sirius 1, 12,092 R, will
leave on March 1st, and from then on be available on Sirius 2, 12,092 V.
It will still be available on Intelsat 707.

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