Sat-UK #204 25.02.98: Intelsat 806 & Galaxis

Sat-UK Report #204:
- Intelsat 806 launch coming up
- Galaxis and Showtime sign million dollar deal
wednesday 25th february 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Intelsat 806 launch coming up
(source: SATCO DX)
 Intelsat 806, the latest bird in the 8-series from Intelsat, is all set
to launch on February 27th, this Friday night. Coverage will be provided
by Intelsat via RealVideo over the Internet; more details can be/will be
put up at their site, http://www.intelsat.int/ . Unfortunately for mad
sat fans, the launch of HotBird 4 is on the same day, although no
transponders have been confirmed for launch coverage, so, unless you
have a TV next to your PC, you'll have to pick just one this time.

---------- Galaxis and Showtime sign million dollar deal
(source: UK Satellite Control, copyright UK Satellite Control)
 Galaxis supplies fastest-growing pay-TV operator in the Middle East
with IRDs, CA and antenna technology.
 Dubai/Lübeck: The Galaxis Group, a German-based manufacturer of digital
satellite reception hardware, has signed a multi-million dollar deal
with Showtime, the fastest growing satellite TV network in the Middle
East. The three year agreement includes the delivery of tens of
thousands MPEG 2 DVB compliant digital IRDs, common interface
technology, Irdeto(tm) conditional access modules and digital antenna
technology within in the first months of 1998. The deal represents a
significant commitment by Showtime to the Middle East market. Peter
Einstein, Showtime president and chief executive, said: "We have chosen
Galaxis because it is the world leader in common interface technology.
These new IRDs will support current and future technology and should
instil great consumer confidence in making a hardware decision." 
 Galaxis chairman Winfried M. Klimek said: "This deal puts Galaxis in
the unique position of establishing Showtime as the prime digital
programme provider in the Middle East. We are proud of having outdone
all major players in the digital decoder market and that makes us look
forward confidently to the future discussions with European programme
providers". The receiver-decoders will also be used to develop the
Showtime leasing scheme: "The hardware leasing scheme, combined with a
choice of programming options, makes the Showtime package a very
attractive pay-TV proposition" commented Peter Einstein. "Hardware
leasing removes a significant barrier to entry without compromising
programming value, and I am confident that Showtime will be the largest
pay-TV provider in the Middle East by the end of 1998." 
 The Galaxis IRDs readily surf between different digital bouquets. Steve
Edgell, Galaxis manager of digital products, said: "These boxes offer a
transparent interface between the Showtime bouquet on PAS-4 and the
1stNet platform on ArabSat 2A. Common Interface technology is also a
legal requirement for the introduction of digital boxes into the
Egyptian market. Without doubt Showtime will continue to establish
itself as the most important provider of television entertainment to the
to the Middle East and Galaxis is extremely excited to be involved in
this project." Initial shipments of Galaxis IRDs will commenced in
December 1997. They were delivered with Irdeto(tm) conditional access
modules and will be OpenTV(tm) compatible. Extensive software testing
and field trials have been conducted by MultiChoice Middle East, and
Galaxis is in the process in setting up service centred in each
territory in the region. Galaxis forms a strategic alliance with the
Korean Samsung Corporation and has supplied MPEG-2, DVB compliant IRDs
to broadcasters throughout Europe including Telepiù in Italy, and Canal
Plus Benelux where it has a predominating market share.

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