Sat-UK Report #192:
- Weather Channel to cease in Europe
wednesday 28th january 1998
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And now the news:

Happy new year to all Oriental subscribers here! Today is the first day
of the new lunar year.

---------- Weather Channel to cease in Europe

Yesterday it was reported that the Weather Channel would soon be taken
off all British cable networks. It will also be removed from the Sky
Multi-Channels package. In fact, all of the Weather Channel's European
ventures will be terminated tomorrow, January 29th. This includes not
only The Weather Channel UK, but Der Wetterkanal (Germany), Het
Weerkanal (Netherlands) and Il Canale Meteo (Italy). (The French and
Spanish channels La Chaîne Météo and Canal Méteo are not related to the
Weather Channel). Already on most German cable networks, Der Wetterkanal
has been replaced by Onyx, due to its new digital-only platform.
Consistent low viewing figures have forced the channel to be turned off
for good.

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